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About GWF

Your Social Platform, Your Way!
We are the unified decentralized social platform for all!

Global Wealth & Freedom Blockchain is built with Ethereum Technology which provides the core components and tools to join the new, border-less economy and society. It is a fully sovereign Ethereum-compatible blockchain network. Our network is fully in charge of our own security, i.e. have our own pool of validators. Our Stand-alone chain offers the highest level of independence and flexibility.

Our major three differences versus the Ethereum network are No Mining, we use validators, Six (6) second block times and the Deployed Contract size has been increased from 24MB to 32MB.

We are also planning to bring the Shiba Inu family of tokens over to our chain as Wrapped tokens WSHIB, WBONE and WLEASH. We also would like to be listed on ShibaSwap as well as an official project.

Go-Ethereum is extended by GWF Smartchain using GWFStorage and GWFProtocol proprietary library packages. You can learn more about the high level flow in our Whitepaper.

Blockchain Details

10,000x Greener
700x Cheaper
125x Faster

GWFChain network is the a fast, sustainable, web3 compatible blockchain.
This allows you to buy a cup of coffee, tweet, blog, swap, DeFi ... anything almost instantly and for pennies!
Fast, low cost and low energy

Ethereum and other blockchain networks are too expensive, too slow and consume insane amounts of energy contributing to climate change.

Sustainable and green

GWFChain is run by validators - trusted entities from all over the world. We accepting applications for 100 more validators. Please see below if your interested.

Ethereum Compatible

GWFChain is 100% Ethereum compatible meaning you can use the same smart contract and the same tools such as Truffle, OpenZeppelin, and MyEtherWallet.

Check it out
GWFChain TX Fee Image


Cost of deploying Smart Contract is just a tad cheaper LOL!!!

Time to complete could be up to 1 hour for ethereum, 6 seconds for GWFChain

GWFChain TX Fee Image

Key Features

100% Ethereum compatible

Use your existing code and tools to deploy to GWFChain.


Building on GWFChain makes it easy to scale your business.


Secured by some of the biggest and most reputable organizations in the world.


Move assets from Ethereum to GWFChain to gain efficiencies, then send them back anytime with our Chainswap technology.

New dev tools

New developer tools that make deploying and using contracts a piece of cake, such as web3 cli.


Deploy and use contracts in 6 seconds.

We're building a
unified Decentralized Social Media platform
to rule them all!

No censoring. No tracking. No ads. You are responsible for your own content.

Now that the blockchain completed, tested and mainnet is LIVE with a block explorer, decentralized exchange and DeFi we are looking to start development of the Social Media dApp. Imagine (if you will) if Twitter and TikTok did the horizontal polka and had a baby :)

The Front-end primary app will be created with Flutter to allow for a single codebase for developers (Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux) and a standardized and easy to use web3 interface for the users to access our blockchain which remains 100% compatible with Ethereum.

This all provides the best available technology for our 100% decentralized & Self-Sustaining Social Platform for the future, so Say Goodbye to "Big-Tech" with all their tracking, ads and censoring and say Hello to your personalized Social Network where you have full control of your online presence, content, security and privacy.

Best of all ... It's all one a single App and uniform across all platforms. Leave off on your desktop and pickup on the go with your mobile. It's all seamless.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Core Values


Keeping your content within the locus of your control. With our no ads policy, your data is not sold to advertisers as an income generation scheme.


As with Privacy, we will strive to implement the most robust security features, but with emphasis on not hindering the end, users' use of the system.


As long as your content remains to be legal, we don't practice censorship. It is our firm belief that anyone who uses our platform is able to choose for themselves what they want to consume.


Golang and Flutter provides the latest in technology & performance allowing us to deliver a State-of-the-Art, easy-to-use interface for the users.


We are using the absolute latest in technology to create the only 100% decentralized & Self-Sustaining Social Platform for the future.

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To provide a secure social media platform able to serve any content distributor while ensuring Privacy, user control.


To build a system of social networking that gives users Privacy, Security, and Freedom on their legal content distribution.

How To


GWF Smartchain Network Name
https://rpc.gwf.io/ RPC URL
1969 Chain ID
GWFU Symbol
GWF Social dAPP (Alpha) Visit https://app.gwf.io now
GWF Smartchain

Available Tokens

Global Wealth & Freedom (GWF)
Wrapped Ethereum (WETH)
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
Wrapped GWF Utility (WGWFU)


There are no Official or AUTHORIZED GWF Project Related tokens on other networks including Ethereum. Only obtain GWF from our network. If someone is selling these tokens on another network it is a scam. Please verify and report any suspicious activity on our official discord server.


This is only a tentative plan for the next six months. Please expect it to change once Core Team is in place.

June 2021
Deploy Platform
Landing page
Complete Whitepaper
Discord Server
Live Now
July 2021
Build Core-Team
Block Explorer
Build Community
Aug 2021
Build Core-Team
Build Community
Nov 2021
Build Core-Team
Purchase Support
Build Community
December 2021
Marketing Begins
Build Capitol
Hire Developers
Discord Live Q&A
March 2022
Capitol obtained?
Full Roadmap Done
dApp Alpha Test
April 2022
Marketing Airdrop
Discord Live Q&A
June 2022
App Release (Alpha)
Aug 2022
Eth-GWF Cross-Chain Swap
Oct 2022
Bnc-GWF Cross-Chain Swap


This token is used for raising the Working Capital needed to complete the project and will represent the overall value of the Platform and its success. It is a standard ERC20 Finite (Limited Supply) token on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can find more details below.

Besides everything you can do with an Ethereum Token, you will also be able to SWAP for GWFU (GWF Utility Tokens) used by the platform and GWFS (GWF Stable Coin) directly the GWF DEX.

The Decentralized Exchange is currently in development and should be online within a few weeks. It will support GWF, WETH, SHIB, BONE and LEASH initially. It provide Swapping of tokens, Liquidity Pool, Farming and Staking of GWF.

Fixed Supply Type
18 Decimals
33,554,432 Supply
GWF Symbol


All team/developers will receive ‘bounties’, which are payments in the form of GWF tokens, in exchange for joining the project. See the Planned Token Allocation table below. If you are interested and end up being selected as a Core Developer - please do not quit your day job just yet as we will not have developer funds until the base token contract(s) are finalized and deployed and the Crowdsale (see below) has completed. This can only be done once the Core Team is in place.

Andrew Donelson
CEO & Founder
Carolyn Donelson
CFO & Co-Founder
Radu Stanca
Lead Senior Development & Operations

Core Team

All Core Team members will be Co-Founders of the project as well as a Vice President of Engineering in their particular role. For example, if You are selected to lead the Blockchain development your title with the Project will be VP Engineering in Blockchain Technology. We will start actively looking for Core Developers beginning July 1st, 2021. All VP Engineering professionals will report directly to the CEO and manage their teams.

Could B You?
VP Engineering in Project Management
Could B You?
VP Engineering in Blockchain Technology
Could B You?
VP Engineering in Smart Contracts Technology
Could B You?
VP Engineering in UIX Technology
Could B You?
VP Digital Community Services
Could B You?
VP Marketing

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